Better Deal Club FAQ

Yes! Better Deal Club is associated with Biz X magazine, a trusted, award winning publication that has been covering Windsor-Essex for over 25 years. Check out the website and will see our ads.

The founder of Better Deal Club personally negotiates each and every Better Deal on behalf of its members. These deals are immediate and tend to be at local businesses.

In contrast cash back programs tend to provide very low returns, have many disclaimers, limited use redemption and only available at large chain stores. Most of the products and services offered on Better Deal Club are not available at these stores.

In most cases you need multiple cash back programs to cover your purchasing needs. With Better Deal Club, it's all under one icon on your phone.

Better Deals cut right through all that red tape and simply offer you a Better Deal on the spot! No need to spend money then get some of it back.

In most cases your 30 day Better Deal membership will pay for itself the first time you use it.

No, per the Terms of Service Agreement, a membership may only be used by the person who signed up for the account.

We're sorry to hear this. In the unlikely event a merchant does not honour or recognize the Better Deal, please retain a receipt or proof of purchase including date, time and location of purchase and contact the Better Deal Club via email ( to resolve the issue.

Sorry, we do not offer refunds on memberships.

Yes, the founder was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. Support local!

We're sorry to see you leave. But you can always rejoin at anytime using the same credentials. To unsubscribe, click here to go to your account page. At the top click "Subscriptions," then click "Cancel" on the far right.